Weekend Memories

Mark your calendars
2022 Dates

*February 10-11-12-13
*March 10-11-12-13
*June 2-3-4-5
*October 13-14-15-16
*November 10-11-12-13

*Denotes a 4 day crop


Weekend Memories Scrapbooking Events

The 2021crops now open for registration are:
*October, 4 day crop, October 7-8-9-10 WAIT LIST (7-22-21)
*November, 4 day crop, November 11-12-13-14 WAIT LIST 8-15-2021)
December 3-4-5

Best Western Hotel room rates 

October 7th is $94 a night and October 8th and 9th are  $109 a night
November 11th is $89 a night and November 12th and 13th are $109 a night
December 3rd and 4th are $99 a night​​

Changes for the 2021.
Crops will start at noon on Thursday or Friday and will be staying open till 4pm on Sundays.
Food will be provided by Weekend Memories on Saturdays for lunch and dinner only, (Thursday) Friday and Sunday you will provide your own. Staying at the hotel will provide a grab and go breakfast.
Prizes and Bingo will be played only on Saturdays.

All registrations are done via the website and pricing continues at $165.00 per person for all three or four days. Hotel is an extra fee.


Come join us! I would love to meet you.

Mirella Arroyo

Crop Owner

Location: Best Western

726 E Market Street, Leesburg VA

Pricing: $165.00 per person for all three days.


January 8-9-10
*February 18-19-20-21
*February 25-26 -27-28
March 26-27-28
*April 22- 23-24-25
June 4-5-6
July 23-24-25
August 13-14-15
*October 7-8-9-10
*November 11-12-13-14
December 3-4-5

*Denotes a 4 day crop