We don’t want to miss any of the details. So here are some frequently asked questions, along with some information that might assist you in getting ready for your weekend with Weekend Memories.

Do I have to pack up my supplies each day?
No, Absolutely NOT! Leave everything at your reserved space.

Can I sit with my friends?
Yes that is the fun of it all, getting away with your friends and sharing ideas. We take great care to plan and do our best to accommodate all requests. Please be sure to indicate your tablemate requests when registering.

How much cropping space will I have?
In Leesburg, VA your space will never be smaller than a 5 foot by 2.5 foot table space. In Martinsburg, WV you will have a 6 by 3 foot table to yourself

Are there contests, giveaways and prizes?
I generally do not have contests and games but there are thank you gifts and prizes to win all weekend long.

How many people attend Weekend Memories events?
The Leesburg crop averages between 65-79 people at each event, and we are always growing! We offer crops more than 9 times a year.  Our reputation over the past 13 years has grown so that our events fill up fast. Be sure to register early!

Are children allowed at Weekend Memories events?
We love children! But for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone, we ask that children attending must be 12 years of age, and accompanied by an adult.

Are there shopping opportunities?
Of course! We have a vendor hallway just for you with lots of choices. Full service scrapbooking merchants are always present.

What are the “pampering” opportunities?
Our events feature licensed massage therapists to ease those tired muscles and get you energized.

What is the temperature in the crop room?
Casual clothes are best to bring and layering is best due to the fluctuating temperatures in hotels.

In the course of the 3 day crop, you will receive plenty of food and snacks. I promise you will not go hungry.

When can I be creative?
From the moment you arrive at the crop you can lay your items out and crop as much as you like, the crop room never closes.

Are classes offered?
Yes, classes are offered at every crop by different vendors, they are usually announced about 2 weeks before.

Toys for Tots 
Our attendees have generously donated Toys for Tots at the December Crop, and we also help during the year with other charities.


Weekend Memories